The Jaw-dropping Illustrations of Kevin Keele

The renowned artist has a knack for personality

About the artist
Kevin Keele

“Personality” seems to be one constant throughout Kevin Keele’s art. Whether it’s a monster, a tree or a mouse, each of his characters practically oozes with a distinct personality.

It’s no surprise that Kevin’s proved to be quite in-demand over the past 15+ years. His work history includes clients like Disney, Magic the Gathering and National Geographic.

Kevin’s digital pieces have the kind of polished professionalism you’d expect from a Disney alum, but there’s something extra appealing about his sketches. The short, hatched line-work combined with toned paper makes for amazing depth and texture. The way he renders long hair and beards is particularly stunning.

To see more of Kevin Keele’s illustrations check out his website or Instagram page.

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