amazing colored pencil art to inspire

Stunning Colored Pencil Art to Leave you Inspired

Discover the powerful potential of this underrated medium in the hands of masters

In the vast universe of artistic mediums, this post highlights one unsung hero: colored pencils. Often overlooked in junk drawers and craft bins, the colored pencil is a tool capable of creating amazingly beautiful art.

Some people see colored pencils as a “beginner drawing tool” – a kind of big brother to the crayon. But that’s far from true.

Skilled artists can harness the potential of colored pencils to create works that rival those made by any other medium (yes, even those uppity oil paints).

Colored pencils allow for incredible precision and control, capturing minute details and subtle gradients that can be challenging to attain with paint.

They also require no special prep, clean up, drying time or other finicky steps.

Exploring colored pencil masterpieces

In the images below we’ll take a look at some spectacular artwork that hopefully inspires you to pick up a pencil of your own.

Wondering which colored pencils are used by the masters? Check out our list of the best colored pencils for artists.

Each piece includes a link back to the artist so you can see more of their work. If you appreciate their art, feel free to let them know!

Art by
by Daan Noppen
Minimal Portrait of Tanya Dziahileva by Jenny Turner
Drawing by Alexandra Zeres
Art by Prabhjeet Singh
by Rob Duenas
Art by Jéssica Ribeiro
Milla Jovovich colored pencil portrait by Toni Spagnoletti
Art by Rong Pham
Art by @mannatdraws
Art by Francesca Possati
Art by @angi_lp
Art by @chemi_grida
Colored pencil portrait of Daenerys Targaryen by Louis Sollune
Colored pencil art by simonebasiniart

More amazing colored pencil art

If our selections above have you craving more art, check out the Colored Pencil Society of America. Their online exhibitions feature some truly impressive work, plus many other resources about the medium.

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