Artists you Should Know: Henri Privat-Livemont – Master of Art Nouveau

The elegance of poster design from this Belgian icon

art nouveau hair design example
The Wave 1897

When it comes to the swirls and whirls of Art Nouveau, Henri Privat-Livemont’s name shines brightly. Born in 1861 in Schaerbeek, Brussels, this Belgian artist brought a unique flair to the world of poster art, becoming a defining figure of the Art Nouveau movement​​​.

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Artistic Style

Privat-Livemont’s art was a characterized by flowing lines and organic shapes, adorned with flat, complimentary colors. He had a knack for portraying beautiful women paired with flowing greenery, along with the era’s distinct lettering style.

His posters weren’t just pretty faces; they advertised events and products like coffee, biscuits and chocolate thanks to a perfect balance of form and function​.

Privat-Livemont's bitter oriental art nouveau post

Henri Privat-Livemont vs. Alphonse Mucha

Both celebrated for their Art Nouveau posters, Privat-Livemont and Mucha shared a common aesthetic. Privat-Livemont’s designs were known for their delicate intricacy and often featured lovely young ladies, a theme prevalent in Mucha’s work as well.

However, Privat-Livemont’s approach to design, while resonating with the same decorative principles as Mucha’s, emerged independently and prior to Mucha’s rise to fame.

Both artists utilized their talents in service of commercial enterprise, but Privat-Livemont came to poster art accidentally through interior design, which led him to lithography and eventually to establish his own studio in Brussels​.

Henri Privat-Livemont’s Legacy:

Perhaps his most iconic work, the “Absinthe Robette” poster, epitomizes the spirit of Art Nouveau. The red-haired woman holding a glass of absinthe became so celebrated that it catapulted the artist to international fame.

Henri Privat-Livemont's Absinthe Robette - A Masterpiece of Art Nouveau Poster Art
Absinthe Robette

His influence extended beyond his lifetime, with his works finding their way to institutions like the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris​

Henri Privat-Livemont’s contribution to Art Nouveau is immortalized in his posters that continue to enchant art lovers and collectors worldwide. He passed away in his hometown in 1936, but the legacy of his vision remains as vivid and impactful as ever​.

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