huion inspiroy 2 small digital tablet review

Hands-On with the Huion Inspiroy 2 S: A Review for Artists

Huion Inspiroy 2 S
A worthy tool for artists growing their digital skills
While it may not have the plethora of features as larger models, the Inspiroy 2 S excels in delivering a balanced, user-friendly experience. The blend of a responsive stylus, improved texture, and customizability makes it a compelling choice for artists looking for a great starter tablet.
Enhanced panel texture for a paper-like feel
Broad compatibility with multiple OS
Advanced PW110 pen with PenTech 3.0 technology
Limited hotkeys for those used to more extensive options
Compact size might be a transition for users accustomed to larger tablets
No wireless options
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Today, we are diving into the world of digital art with the Huion Inspiroy 2 S drawing tablet. Aimed at beginners and artists on the go, this entry level tablet features much of the same tech as its bigger brothers in the Inspiroy line, but in an ultra-compact size.

Huion provided us with a tablet for review, which we’ll break down below.

inspiroy 2 s unboxing
Someone’s excited!

Petite, yet powerful

The 2 S is the smallest in the lineup of new Inspiroy 2 tablets. At 9.7” x 6” it has roughly the same dimensions as a hardcover novel, but MUCH thinner. 7.5mm thick to be precise (thinner than even thin-sliced bread!🍞)

The tablet is available in black and Sakura Pink – a rare choice for digital tablets.

The tablet also feels featherlight at just 275 grams. Its work area is modest at 6.3 x 3.9 inches. While seasoned digital pros might prefer the larger Inspiroy models, beginners or those with limited space can be just fine with the tablet’s smaller footprint. It all depends on the size of your monitor (or canvas) and we found the area acceptable paired with a 13” laptop.

A new and improved stylus

The Inspiroy 2 line is paired with the new PW110 stylus, powered by Huion’s PenTech 3.0. It’s a step-up from previous models thanks to several improvements:

  • Nib retraction distance is shorter
  • Silicone grip area lengthened
  • Inset buttons are less prone to accidental clicks
  • Shorter overall length

Huion includes a stylus stand that is much more stable than previous models. It also twists open to reveal 10 extra nibs.

How to customize the press keys on an Inspiroy 2 S

Huion knows that no two artists work alike, and the Inspiroy 2 S caters to this with 6 programmable press keys and a scroller. Whether it’s brush adjustments, zooming, or undoing, these customizable keys are a handy shortcut for your workflow, making your drawing process as smooth as silk.

The scroller is particularly ergonomic and feels essentially the same as a scroll wheel from a mouse. By default, it adjusts your page zoom, but we preferred it set to brush size.

The press key’s default settings are:

  • Brush
  • Eyedropper
  • Eraser
  • Save
  • Move
  • Undo

Changing the presets is light work with Huion’s tablet app. Just click the button and enter your preferred shortcut key.

huion tablet app settings

Connectivity and compatibility

The tablet comes with a USB cable and USB-C adapter, but note that it is not wireless. The Inspiroy 2 S plays nice with a variety of operating systems like Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, Linux, and it’s in sync with most major drawing software. This means whether you are a Photoshop fanatic or prefer Clip Studio Paint or GIMP, you’ll be good to go.

We tried the tablet with Clip Studio Paint and it required no additional configuration. Pressure sensitivity worked out of the box.

A canvas that feels like paper

Huion isn’t skimping on the tactile experience either. With an enhanced panel texture that’s 20% more resistant than its forebears, the tablet conjures up that beloved paper feeling under your pen. It really does feel a lot like paper. It even SOUNDS like paper, which is crazy considering your dragging plastic on plastic.

Wonders never cease!

Notice the bumps and lines on the buttons? Those help you find them without looking. Neat!

Can lefties use the Inspiroy 2 S?

The press keys and USB port are arranged so that there’s no difference for right or left handed people. A simple 180° rotation, and voilà, it’s as if the tablet was made for you.

Bang for your buck

After reviewing several Huion tablets, we’ve come to expect competitive pricing and the Inspiroy 2 S is no exception. The tablet is currently $59 on Amazon, but can actually be scored for just $45 on sale directly from Huion.

Final verdict

The Huion Inspiroy 2 S is a solid entry-level tablet, offering a balance of essential features at an affordable price. It’s a suitable choice for beginners or those with straightforward digital art needs. While it might not have as many function keys as more advanced models, it holds its own as a starter tablet with a great stylus.

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