Marija Tiurina fruit art
Images © Marija Tiurina

Fruit as Characters – the Delicious Art of Marija Tiurina

Inspiration can be found in the sweetest of places

Marija Tiurina
London, UK

Everyone struggles with artist’s block at some point, but did you know there’s an entire world of inspiration waiting in your own kitchen? The colors, patterns and textures of fruit are amazingly diverse – something Marija Tiurina took full advantage of in her project “Fruit as Characters”.

The UK illustrator is known for her uniquely whimsical watercolor paintings and distinct style. For this series of paintings, she chose a wide selection of fruits and made each one into a character of its own. No two are alike and it’s fascinating to see how she integrated the different parts of the fruit into each character design.

A fuzzy hat here or a juicy dress there – it all shows that with a little creativity, anything can become a source of inspiration.

fruit character sketches
Initial sketches
A curious horned melon
An arrogant pomegranate
A sneaky physalic
A concerned pink lettuce and star fruit
A loony rambutan

What materials does Marija Tiurina use?

Earlier this year Marija put out a video going through some of her favorite materials for watercolor. We’ve tracked down a few of her picks and where to buy them below:

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Daler Rowney 24 color watercolor setBuy it here
Winsor & Newton 45 half pan watercolor setBuy it here


Arches hot press watercolorBuy it here
Cass Art Watercolor Smooth Hot Press Pad 300gsmBut it here


marija tiurina brushes
Rapheal Kolinksy brush size 3Buy it here
Pro Arte watercolor brush setBuy it here
Daler-Rowney Aquafine brush size 2Buy it here

Colored Pencils

Faber Castell polychromos colored pencils tin of 12Buy it here

To see more of Marija Tiurina’s work check out her website or Instagram page where she regularly shares new projects.

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