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The Monster Project Proves Just How Creative Kids Can Be

Pro artists transform kid's drawings into monstrous masterpieces

While all adults might not enjoy picking up a pencil and paper, kids are another story entirely. Spend some time with any 7-year-old and you’ll see they pretty much have a universal interest in drawing and coloring.

While older artists might be bogged down with insecurities about anatomy, color theory and perspective, kids carry no such burden. Their minds are absolutely free to create whatever bubbles out of their imagination. They tap into a creative purity that’s hard to reproduce as an adult, regardless of skills or experience.

The Monster Project celebrates this raw imagination by pairing the art of elementary school children with professional artists across the globe.

They start by giving kids a simple creative brief: draw a monster. As you might imagine, this is a deep creative well for any kid and the results are spectacularly unique.

Tentacles, wings, teeth, horns and many, many eyeballs hit the paper in a rainbow of crayons and markers. The Monster Project then pairs each drawing with a skilled artist who creates their own polished interpretation of the child’s monster.

Shown side by side, the art is not only a hoot to look at, but encourages kids to value their own creativity and how they can inspire others.

With a decreasing emphasis on arts in schools, many children don’t have the opportunity for creative exploration they deserve. That’s a monstrous trend we would like to destroy. As artists ourselves, we understand how important that initial creative exposure is and how it can truly alter the shape of a child’s future.

Part of The Monster Project’s mission statement

Shown below is a collection of some of our favorite pieces from the The Monster Project. If you are an artist or kid ages 6-12 check out their FAQ page for details on how to join the fun.

Want to help support The Monster Project? You can purchase art book collections, stickers, prints and more here.

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