The Best Cyclops Art to Keep Your Eye On

There's more to this mythological icon than meets the eye

In continuing our ongoing exploration of mythical creature art, we enter the captivating world of the cyclops. Greek for “circle-eyed” the cyclops have been a mainstay of Greek mythology since the 7th century BC.

Famous for their single eye, gigantic size and brutish nature, the cyclops have been a rich source of inspiration for artists across the ages.

One of the most famous cyclops is the barbaric Polyphemus, who caused some serious trouble for Odysseus and his men. Spoiler alert – he ate some of them.

The concept of a single-eyed humanoid has expanded far beyond the stories of Greek mythology. Modern characters like Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc, Scott Summers’ Cyclops from X-Men and even the Minions continue the legacy.

The origins of the cyclops?

While ancient aliens meddling in the genes of early man is always a possibility, many paleontologists think the concept of the cyclops stemmed from the skulls of dwarf elephants.

The large hole where the trunk goes could easily be mistaken by the Greeks for an eye socket.

🤓 What’s the difference between “cyclops” and “cyclopes”? Cyclopes is technically the plural form cyclops.

There’s something about that single glaring eye that never ceases to capture the imagination. In this post we’ll assemble some of the most impressive cyclops art across a variety of mediums and styles.

Each piece includes the name of the artist with links where you can find more of their work.

by Marcus Whinney
by Philip Cohen
by Emilio Gonzalez
by Angus McBride
by Ludivine Radegonde
by Roger Payne
by Damian Fulton

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