bubblehouse app review

Is Bubblehouse the Best Social Media App for Artists?

We explore the art focused platform

If you’re an artist looking for an alternative to Instagram, or just a new place to expand your reach, you might have heard of Bubblehouse. The app is designed as a dedicated platform for creatives and boasts several unique features built specifically for artists.

After spending some time poring over the app, we’ve reviewed the best reasons your art should be on Bubblehouse.

Magical, marvelous modules

The most compelling feature of Bubblehouse has to be what they call “post modules”. These are interactive post types that can combine multiple images into a single, super engaging post.

Currently there are six modules to choose from, including:

  • Single image
  • Swipeable gallery
  • Before/after combo with slider
  • Duo (side by side images)
  • Panorama (side scrolling image)
  • Evolution (up to 10 images with slider)
bubblehouse before after module
Bubblehouse’s before/after module

The evolution module was a particular stand-out for one reason… artists can finally create step-by-step process posts in a beautifully simple format.

This is the perfect way to showcase the progression from pencil sketch, to a finished piece of art with every setback and triumph along the way.

Alternatively, the evolution module can also be used for brief animations like this:

bubblehouse app animation

Customizable profile pages

If you’re looking for an app that’s as much portfolio as social network, Bubblehouse fits the bill. Their profile features have several options that blow Instagram out of the water and can serve as a functional digital calling card for artists.

bubblehouse profile settings

Full width cover photos are an ideal spot to place your best art. You can also select posts for your own “featured” section that shows above your chronological feed.

Hidden hashtags

One of the first differences you’ll notice is the apparent lack of hashtags on Bubblehouse. The hashtags are still there and searchable like you’d expect, but you have to long press an image to see them.

It’s a simple thing, but it really makes things feel less #cluttered. 😉

Bubblehouse vs Artfol vs Instagram

Another contender in the art community space is an app called Artfol, which we reviewed in full here. While both apps have a significantly smaller userbase than Instagram, their art-centered features make them compelling alternatives.

Will you ever wake up to 1m followers and hundreds of comments on Bubblehouse? Probably not, but an engaged and positive community of people already interested in art might be more than enough to make up for the divide.

The table below outlines some of the key differences between Bubblehouse, Artfol and Instagram.

Userbase > 55kUserbase > 100kUserbase > 1b
Chronological feedChronological feedAlgorithm feed
Post types:
Single image
Post types:
Single image
Text only

Post types:
Single image

Single outbound profile linkMultiple outbound profile linksSingle outbound profile link
Featured posts in profileFeatured posts in profileChronological posts in profile
Like, follow, commentLike, follow, comment and reshare Like, follow, comment
Direct messagingDirect messagingDirect messaging
Doesn’t crop uploadsDoesn’t crop uploadsCrops image uploads

Final thoughts

While Instagram might have the biggest userbase, it’s also the toughest platform to stand out and try to “beat the algorithm”. Bubblehouse on the other hand cuts out the chatter and purely targets the smaller audience of artists and creatives.

Their modules are some of the absolute best ways to present art online – especially for a mobile app.

While the platform is still relatively new, we look forward to watching their growth and seeing what new features they add next.

© Efrain Malo

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