Need a Model? This Free App Offers the Next Best Thing

Strike a virtual pose and improve your art's accuracy

justsketchme reference review

Whether you’re creating art digitally, traditionally or somewhere inbetween, using a reference can make a world of difference. Anatomy, foreshortening and proportions are all easier to draw when you have an example to work from.

But what happens if you can’t find a photo of the pose you have in mind? You can always be your own model, but that of course has its own set of challenges.

Luckily there’s JustSketchMe, a digital posing tool for artists looking for a lot more control over their references.

Infinite poses = endless possibilities

justsketchme artist reference example

The platform is available for Mac, Windows or online as a webapp. If you’ve ever tried 3D modeling or animation before, you’ll recognize the posing page as a paired down version of a 3D environment. A simple selection of buttons lets you add models to the scene, which you can then arrange into absolutely any pose imaginable.

female pose with justsketchme

You start to feel like a God-like puppet master as you click and drag joints and limbs into your desired pose. Once you’ve nailed the arrangement you’re looking for, it’s easy to simply export a screenshot and start drawing.

While JustSketchMe is free to use, signing up for their paid plan grants access to more models, including more realistic male and female figures among other perks.

If you’d like to create a scene for yourself, check out their website.

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