The best art from March of Robots
Art by Vladymyr Kryvonos

The Best Art From The March of Robots Challenge

Our favorite submissions from the robot-themed challenge

What exactly is March of Robots? Despite the name, it has nothing to do with robots marching for equal rights and fair pay. March of Robots is a popular art challenge that takes place over 31 days every March. The goal is to create a new piece of art every day of the month featuring androids, mechs, cyborgs or any other robotic designs.

The challenge was created by professional illustrator DaCosta Bayley to help build his own skills and explore the world of robotics. March of Robots has gained immense popularity over the years and has since grown into its own brand of books and other merch.

The official website does put out a yearly prompt list, though entrants are free to deviate from the daily words.

march of robots art challenge official prompt list
2021’s official prompt list

While the challenge receives thousands of submissions each year, we’ve scoured over the #marchofrobots posts on social media and gathered a few of the standout entries.

It’s amazing how many ways robots can be depicted. Everything from vehicle design to character development can be seen, some at the same time! Many of the pieces below will leave you wondering what purpose each robot must have been built for.

Every image features a link back to the artist in the caption and we encourage you to check out their respective pages to see more of their art.

By Denny Pako
march of robots art
By @neguvi_art
By Vladymyr Kryvonos
By Gregory Dees
march of robots art 2021
By Juan Richard Feliz
By Christoph Stryczek
march of robots art challenge
By Len Nicholas
By James Wintle
march of robots challenge art
By Katerina Belikova
By Andrey Pridybaylo
By @tanya_Irys
robot art challenge
By Braden May

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