Watch Pro Artist Karl Kopinksi Draw With Both Hands at the Same Time

Ever think about what your other hand is doing when you draw? Personally, mine either holds onto the paper’s edge, or flattens against my cheek to support the enormous weight of my head.

But maybe that second hand has been slacking on the job.

What if it could get in on the drawing action instead of flopping around like a little t-rex arm?

Maybe Karl Kopinski is the new evolution of ambidextrous artists.

Who is Karl Kopinski?

Kopinski is a renowned UK artist who has been in the illustration industry for over 20 years. Largely self-taught, he’s worked with a variety of major clients like Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop and Peter Jackson.

His art has a highly detailed, almost gritty style often featuring tough characters in tougher worlds.

Kopinski has built a large following on social media. His fans appreciate his frequent sketches and paintings, but it’s the videos featuring his ambidextrous drawings that really caught our eyes.

The technique is mesmerizing to watch.

Each hand will hold a pencil (or brush pen) and work on the page simultaneously. Sometimes the hands will work like a mirror image of each other, and sometimes they’ll be doing completely separate tasks!

What art supplies does Karl Kopinski use?

Some of the materials that make frequent appearances in Kopinski’s videos include:

Have you ever tried drawing with both hands? Or even only your non-dominate hand? Let us know in the comments!

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