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The Best Mechanical Pencil Erasers for Your Biggest Mistakes

Embrace art accidents with these super-sized pencil erasers

To err is human and to forgive is divine. In the case of artists, that forgiveness often comes in the soft and merciful form of a simple eraser.

Erasers make drawing and sketching fun by offering a real life “undo button” for even the worst mistakes. The problem is that most mechanical pencils scrimp on the eraser side of the equation.

While mechanical pencils might feature all kinds of technical marvels at the front, the opposite ends are often subjected to puny q-tip-sized erasers that wear out in a few days. Little nubbins hidden under caps that inevitably crumble to dust when you need them the most.

Do they think we’re perfect people and won’t be needing that eraser? 🙄

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, which is why we’ve gathered a collection of top notch mechanical pencils that not only draw well, but feature big and practical erasers too.

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Retro 51 Tornado

If you like sturdy vintage styling and a big eraser to boot, Retro 51 has you covered. In our full review of their Tornado mechanical pencil we were delighted to see the substantial eraser mounted on the back.

Besides being considerably wider than most mechanical pencil erasers, Retro 51 also includes six, count ’em, six replacement erasers with each unit.

Pentel Twist-Erase III

One of the first mechanical pencils to integrate a larger eraser was the Twist-Erase line from Pentel. The brand offers several pencils under this label but the one geared towards artists is the supremely popular Twist-Erase III.

As the eraser wears down you simply twist the rear of the pencil to propel more eraser forward. This set includes two 1.25″ erasers which should last for months before needing to swap out a refill.

Tombow Monograph Mechanical Pencil

Possibly the best all-rounder in our list, the Monograph pencil from Tombow offers several cool features. To advance the lead the pencil uses an unusual shaker mechanism – just shake it (like a Polaroid picture) and the lead magically propels out the front.

The back of the pencil houses a 0.7″ long eraser that twists forward, similarly to the Pentel.

The eraser uses the some “Mono” brand polymer Tombow sells separately, which is well regarded for its effective lift of graphite.

Also, it’s fun to shake!

Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Pencils

Rite in the Rain Weatherproof pencils are made for those who need a hearty and reliable pencil even in harsh outdoor conditions. The sturdy brass knurling is designed to work with gloves and the extra thick 1.3mm lead resists snapping.

Equally tough is the .275″ diameter eraser at the back. When combined with the company’s all weather notebooks the pencils can even erase on wet paper.

We also enjoy their earthy color palette.

Staedtler Triplus Micro

Much like the Pentel and Tombow, the eraser on the Staedtler Triplus Micro telescopes forward with a twist.

At about an inch long the eraser lasts considerably longer than those on other mechanical pencils, including most of Staedtler’s own line.

As an added bonus, the body features a triangular shape that’s more ergonomic to hold in your fingers.

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